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To the teaching and student community of the PFCA, UASLP

On January 10th 2020, the UASLP celebrated the 98th anniversary of its autonomy, being the most important public University in San Luis Potosí. The Institution has undoubtedly mantained its position and quality thanks to the effort and dedication of authorities, researchers, professors, students, administrative staff and to the quality of the professional performance of its graduates.

On behalf of authorities, professors and administrative staff, I give you the warmest welcome to the scholar year 2020 at the Division Graduate Studies of the FCA, UASLP, particularly to those of you who are new students and start an experience that will culminate with a preparation of quality and relevance, within a framework of respect, tolerance, freedom of ideas and plurality. These characteristics will shape our students as detonators of social and technological change to the current needs and will allow them to be even more competent in the professional world.

This way, the Division Graduate Studies of the FCA becomes the Investigation Center and Postgraduate Studies, encouraging the labor of both activities, providing best support to professors and students with a wider knowledge of studies and innovation at organizations.

“Siempre Autónoma. Por mi Patria Educaré”


To offer administration postgraduate programs that are innovative on professionals training with a high academic and investigation level, linked with organizations to develop graduates distinguished by values and attitudes focused on economic and business development of the Region. Among their capabilities, business consulting, tax planning and implementation of public policies of the tax legislation and accountability.

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